The Ronald McDonald House is a temporary home for families with hospitalized children that is located next to Women & Infants', Hasbro Children's and Rhode Island Hospitals.

In addition to its proximity to medical facilities, the House offers something even more important;  the support that comes from being able to talk and share concerns with other parents going through similarly difficult situations. 

Built on land donated by Rhode Island Hospital, the Providence House has 18 bedrooms, two kitchens, a living room, dining area, children’s playroom and laundry facilities. An enclosed courtyard and adjacent play area offers secure access to the outdoors.

Without the Ronald McDonald House of Providence, families would sleep in hospital chairs, in their cars, or turn to local hotels. The average cost for a hotel room in Providence is $154 per night. For families who face medical bills, co-payments, time off work and meals away from home this cost is overwhelming.