The Ronald McDonald House of Providence provides programs that directly improve the health and well-being of hospitalized children and their families. Our programs allow families to spend additional time with a sick child, help ease financial burdens, provide a sense of normalcy and keep families together during times of medical crisis.


We are Helpful, Open, Mindful, and Encouraging.  We are HOME.

 We staff the House 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year to assist our guest families
 We staff the Family Room 12 hours a day with dedicated volunteer support
 We give guests a thorough tour & clearly explain House guidelines
 We provide the comforts of home, including meals and transportation
 We recognize when someone is in need of help and will assist
 We trust, respect and support each other and work together as a team
 We invite and answer questions
 We wear proper ID and introduce ourselves by name and title or role

 We attend to guest needs immediately
 We anticipate, explain and try to avoid delays
 We are polite, clear and professional whenever we communicate
 We value the opinions of our guests, volunteers, donors, and colleagues
 We value our collaborative relationship with partner hospitals
 We support the values of RMHC and welcome the RMHCENE partnership
 We are committed to be volunteer centered and community supported

 We treat guests, volunteers and donors as part of the RMH Family
 We protect the confidentiality of information
 We demonstrate respect through our behavior and words
 We respect guest families' belongings and privacy
 We respect differences in values, cultures, beliefs and ages

 We are friendly and welcoming
 We are a happy, hopeful House and we all contribute to a positive environment
 We encourage families to support each other
 We assist and support grieving families in their time of need